Easter marketing

The Easter Marketing Content Playbook for 2024

Coming right off the momentum of Valentine’s marketing, Easter is another opportunity to reach your audience in new, engaging ways. 

By making effective marketing plans for Easter, you can use one egg-cellent idea as part of your overarching marketing strategy for the year. With this, your eggs are in different baskets—and by baskets, I mean your acquisition and awareness strategy—but they are all working together to build your brand and grow your audience.

So, what can you do to create a badass Easter marketing campaign on social media? Turn to Digiengage, of course! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Leverage User-Generated Content

One pertinent thing for brands is finding a way to reduce acquisition costs. The best way to achieve this is through organic marketing. Besides the obvious cost reduction, it also has a high chance of driving virality. 

UGC gives access to creative content that can do wonders for your SEO and skyrocket your brand’s online ranking. 

You can run a photo contest, inviting followers to share Easter-themed pictures. Don’t forget to include hashtags unique to the content for performance monitoring purposes. 

Using gamification techniques to get UGC is also an excellent idea. You can create an Easter-themed game and ask followers to post a video or photo of themselves recreating it. If done correctly, this can:

  • Bring in new customers and
  • improve brand recall
  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Generate leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve conversion rates 
  • Increase purchase intent
  • Followership/Page growth

Feeling inspired? You can customise the above ideas or come up with other unique ways to promote your brand using UGC.

Create Relatable Content on Trendy Digital Platforms

With original content settling in, brands must adapt their campaigns to prioritise brand relatability. This will continue to influence buyer decisions and brand devotion, so pushing the boundaries to develop engaging campaigns is a sure shot. Here are a few platforms you can leverage.

Use TikTok

As ‘Google it’ becomes ‘TikTok it’, including TikTok in your sales strategy is going to help ‘slay’ your Easter marketing strategy. TikTok has officially stepped into Google’s playground by featuring ads in search results. 

Why does this matter?

According to a recent HerCampus study, 40% of internet consumers use TikTok for information, with the app being especially popular among Gen Zs and millennials.  74% of Gen Z use TikTok for search and 51% favour it over Google.

This highlights TikTok’s importance for businesses targeting these demographics.

TikTok caters to audiences with varying interests and search intents. In simple terms, starting or jumping on a TikTok trend will increase your reach by folds. You also get more brand impressions if the content you produce is relatable.

How can you hack the mystery of TikTok?

In one word, SEO. 

Let’s break it down some more.

TikTok SEO loves keywords, and the best way to do that is through keyword research. Search and study related keywords related to your industry or brand. This will also highlight content loopholes and help you know the type of relatable content you need to post to appeal to consumers. 

You can use keywords by saying them in your content, including them in on-screen text, and putting them in captions and hashtags.  

Create X Content

X (formerly Twitter) is a great place to start conversations and engage with your audience during festive periods. The beautiful thing about it is that you can use past and trending conversations to build and amplify your content. 

To help you stand out and connect to your audience easily on this platform, here are a few things to consider.

  • If your content is more conversion-focused and includes a link, consider excluding hashtags, as it increases the number of things they have to click.
  • If your content is solely for brand awareness, including hashtags can help. 
  • Remember to include Easter-themed emojis for extra fun and relatability.

 SMS Marketing

Did you think SMS marketing was dead? 

It isn’t, and there’s much more to it.

An effective SMS marketing strategy can increase sales, increase open rates, grow your client base, and personalise customer experiences. It’s surprisingly popular with audiences across different demographics and is cost-effective.

To incorporate this, deliver Easter-themed messages to your customers via SMS. If you’re considering running sales on your website or hosting a Q&A giveaway on social media, you can use SMS to engage customers and send them clues and timely reminders to increase participation. 

Get Ahead of The Competition This Easter

Remember that there are a lot of Easter marketing ideas worth considering. But crafting campaigns that resonate with your audience is where the real work lies. So, are you ready to build award-winning Eater marketing campaigns? Drop us a message, and let’s get started.