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Oluwatoyosi Alajoke Ogunsola

Lead, Content Strategy

Oluwatoyosi has mastered forging brand-customer connections through content. She holds a degree in Consumer Sciences from Obafemi Awolowo University, but she goes beyond her academic achievements to excel as a content strategist. Trained by industry leaders, she is a Hubspot-trained content strategist, a Meta certified social media marketer with additional training in Transmedia storytelling from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and Integrated Marketing communications from IE Business School, Spain. With a mastery of content strategy, she excels in Search Engine Optimization, script writing, content analysis, guidance, planning, creation, and distribution, copywriting, content writing, digital marketing, and the very art of creative writing. She is fluent in the language of creativity, and for over 5 years, she has helped brands show up as their best selves by reinventing their content, offering content guidance, and improving their messaging. Her illustrious portfolio boasts an impressive roster of renowned brands, including Ruff n Tumble, The International Finance Corporation, FCMB, WEMA bank, Durex, Leadway Health, Coronation, Enterprise Development Center, Alomo Bitters, and Toyota. Besides creating badass content strategies, you’ll find her out there volunteering for humanitarian and just causes. She’s also a DIY enthusiast who usually can’t wait to get off work to try a new adventure or beat someone in a good mobile game.